White Men With Guns
The Democratic Party imo needs to take on more aspects of a movement that is in opposition to a philosophy of the power to govern held exclusively in the hands of a white male minority. I think we must press to take a strong stance to avoid letting this false equivalency continue to be set up and the conflict between the two parties framed as simply minor differences driven by personal pride and avarice.


People act on the basis of what they believe. And I have no doubt that the majority of Republicans and gun fanatics believe in what they are doing and based on what they believe in and that is apartheid There are some of these still in the Democratic Party but the majority are Republicans aligning themselves with Donald Trump.
In my reading of history I think that was a major motivation for creating and including the Second Amendment. Militias and as well guns for hunting and personal protection were all well established traditions. There had to also be a strong political reason to call for inclusion of gun rights in the Constitution.  I can see two groups involved, slave holders who lived in constant fear of slave uprisings and the abolitionist movement and those who whose ambitions were economic and imperialistic.  Both wanted the guns in the hands of white European descended males. 
Abigail Adams warned about the dangers of the possibility in her well known letter to John in 1776.
The ultimate symbol of white male dominance is a white man with a gun on a horse. And it is along with the golden bull is our dominant cultural god.


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White Men With Guns

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