How Good Men Do Evil

After watching enough of the long awaited Robert Mueller testimony and the sad pundit reprises I can’t shake thoughts of Eichman in Jerusalem. The obsessive bureaucrat and his mountain of facts and fine details of the work. Confident of virtue. Never adding color to the picture for fear of straying to color outside the lines. The only passion is to have no passion for fear of giving meaning to the picture.

Though Robert Mueller’s conscious motivations. rectitude and and fidelity to his mother nation established without question his behavior on display yesterday did display undeniable similarities to he bureaucrat Eichman.  Arendt was widely criticize for her observations of the ordinary bureaucrat in Eichman because her revealing  the failure to endow, recognize or express the meaning to our and man’s actions actions that permits the flourishing of evil; requires each of us to reflect..

Democrats and most Americans seek the drama  of an exotic mutant laid to rest by a magically endowed Lancelot. Mueller could say “Russia is a great threat to our democracy.” He could not say the same thing about Donald Trump and his enablers Relying on the supra-human then permits us and them to follow Robt. Mueller’s example — willingly blind to the meaning of conditions and the human call to know and to act, to risk.

I am chilled, then recall having been witness to the the power of our great democracy to overwhelm the evil once the meaning is understood.  People in our streets, some to be killed for their moral outrages, achieved great strides in deinstitutionaliization of racial oppression and stopping an immoral war.

It is time to go out once again.

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How Good Men Do Evil

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