I may or may not mobilize sufficient will to write on this subject.  For now just let it be said. No stronger proof that the profession of Medicine is no longer an official presence in our country.

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Where there is no therapeutic alliance there is no physician/doctor.

In its place we now have providers. People who the scared, the suffering and the dying are expected to request remedy which tp be taken from the shelf and exchanged for money.  The incentives and disincentives that have been being written into our insurance industries, the ACA and CMS have worked.I have always believed my greatest contribution as a cancer doctor  was  to walk side by side with my patients and families mingling my unique knowledge with their unique lives and situations to come to best possible choices — and AS WELL to be certain they knew they were not to be abandoned and alone.— as cancer patients often are in the social, even family world.



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This breaks my heart especially the “ethicist’s” response

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