The deadline for filing for candidacy passed July 5. In that I do not know when the State Committee members will be voting to select from the candidates MY best source for official information is on vacation and I am certain a full update will soon be forthcoming but I wanted people to have as much time as possible to think.

The two candidates I have been told of are Bette Holland and June Krise. If there are others please let me know and I will update.

I believe it is important for the 9th’s general membership may know the names of candidates that are known (from unofficial sources) so they may be giving feedback to the State Committee members — As to the way they/we would like to see the District led and who they think has the best vision and strategy that will change the frankly stagnant voting history of the past 15 years

For more information — The chairs of the County parties should have ;this information and do have the information as to who the Committee members are.

I will post and circulate updates as I learn more.

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UNOFFICIAL Regarding 9th CD Democratic Director election.

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