Following this first round of Democratic Primary debates I am impressed with the quality of virtually all of these Democrats — Proof of why an open welcome to diverse candidates is so valuable and I think necessary. Public office is to serve the people and the people must have access to information and choices in order to select who will best serve us.

One wishes Georgia’s 9th District Democratic Parties would be as willing as the deadline for presenting intent to run for the open CD Director position approaches. I hear informally of some who are running and 9th Democrats hope soon we will hear who is running so we may express our opinions to our State Committee.

Back to the debates —The most disturbing rhetoric by former VP Biden is his continuing as his fellow Blue Dogs to demonstrate his fidelity to the States Rights primacy in issues of human rights protections, Race, Abortion, Health care etc. He may have “evolved” as to legalistic technicalities but certainly not on the core principle. He remains unchanged.

The remarkable exchange with Sen. Harris last evening is astounding and a substantial beginning to a public tutorial on how our government works, why we must have a national government and the conflict between Republicans and so called moderate Democrats who demand dominance of States Rights. and those who recognize the need for nationwide consistency in the protections for human rights The whole history of how that claim has been cover for local neighborhoods, cities, counties and States to abuse universal human rights such as abortion and in this current case to abuse and discriminate on the basis of race.

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A Tutorial on States Rights vs Civil Rights